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What is the most IMPORTANT HIRE you will make this year?



Hiring the ‘right’ person in today’s market is tough. Adding factors such as budget, time management, scheduling, and traveling constraints to the process make the routine of interviewing much more exhausting and stressful than it needs to be.


Every hire is unique and will present its own challenges. At T. Burks & Associates, we welcome challenge. However, to be successful in challenging situations and to create an advantageous and cohesive partnership, we set strategies and open communication.


The most significant influence contributing to the successful close of a search assignment is the collaboration between client, recruiter, and candidate. Collaboration captures elements in a relationship that are conducive to a successful partnership.


We know what’s at stake and take advantage of every opportunity to be proficient in supporting your organization.


When it comes to results, we deliver.

We live in the value of personal relationships.

Through our team of recruiters, resources and networks, we’ll identify and attract the type of talent your organization is looking for.

Let’s get started on becoming AMAZING together.

Which type of AMAZING candidate are you looking for?

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